Lesson 2: Viewing & Learning

The information and tutorials found within this article are designed to help you interact with the canine model layers and labels.

Layers Panel

Use the Layers Panel to peel away layers and select the level of detail depicted in the labels.



View layers together or individually to gain an understanding of both the individual system components and the relationships between systems. Expand the Muscular, Circulatory, and Nervous layer menus to toggle on and off specific systems.

To show and hide layers

  1. Click the circle next to the system name to show or hide the layer.
    • When the circle is filled in, the layer is shown.
    • When the circle is not filled in, the layer is hidden. 
  2. Click the arrow next to the system to expand or collapse the sub-menu.


Toggle between the three tiers of labels to identify general regions all the way down to specific tubercles and processes. Use the labels as follows:

  • Meta, to identify regions
  • Meso, to identify bones and groups of muscles
  • Micro, to identify tubercles and processes 

To toggle between label types

  1. Click the Label name to show labels based on that level of granularity. The labels will display according to your selection.

TIP: To see Micro labels, select a specific structure and zoom in.


View system animations such as the Heart, Arteries, Veins, and Peripheral Nervous system. Expand the Circulatory and Nervous layer menus to toggle on and off system animations.


To show and hide animations

  1. Click the arrow next to the Circulatory or Nervous system to expand the system sub-menu.
  2. Click the running llama icon next to the system name to show or hide the animation.
    • When the llama is white, the animation is shown.
    • When the llama is greyed out, the animation is hidden.

Info Panel

Use the Info Panel to view more information related to the region, bone, or process you’re viewing. Toggle between the Info and Notes tabs to view EasyAnatomy's curated content and your own typed notes.  


To view more information

  1. Click a component of the canine model, or a label. The Info Panel will display with more information on that specific body part.
  2. To scroll through the content, place your cursor inside the Info Panel, left click and hold while dragging the mouse up and down.
  3. (Optional) Click the Notes tab to write and view personalized notes. To add a new note, click the notepad icon and click on the text "Note Body" to type your own notes.
  4. (Optional) To delete a note, swipe left over the note to reveal the delete button. Once deleted the note will no longer display in the Bookmark menu.

TIP: The Info Panel only shows when there is information available on the selected component.


Continue to Lesson 3: Inspecting & Analyzing for more Getting Started tips.

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